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Please Note: Seasons of Adventure Travel & our agents are happy to assist with your travel planning, however we assume no liability for improper travel documents. It is the sole responsibility of the person traveling to identify and obtain all required travel documents for the entire trip and have them available when necessary. All transactions with Seasons of Adventure Travel are subject to the "Terms & Conditions" of Seasons of Adventure, LLC. Please click here to view the complete terms & read them carefully. Thank you for choosing Seasons of Adventure for your travel needs.

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Seasons of Adventure is owned and operated by Bruce Mardis (USA & Canada Specialist) and Joanie Mardis (Luxury & Group Specialist) of Odenville, Alabama.  With a passion for travel and over 25 years of personal travel experience, it seemed only natural to find a way to share that passion and experience with others.

Years ago when our children were much younger, it was a common occurrence on long trips for them to repeatedly ask "Are we there yet?"  To which we would always respond "Almost half way... ten more miles!" The idea was not to discourage them, but rather to give them hope in knowing that we had come a long way, but the journey was not quite over.

Unlike the weathered cliche "the rest is history", we are "history in the making". Thanks to the support and assistance of family, friends, associates and most of all our loyal clients, we look to the future for continued growth and success.

Our Ongoing Mission
To further pursue our life's passion for travel and the preservation of those memories
To share our experience and provide assistance to those with similar passions
To meet our clients' needs while exceeding their expectations with the best travel
products and services available with the best value for their hard earned dollar

Our Story "Almost half-way, ten more miles!"

Such is our journey with Seasons of Adventure... we have come a long way, but the journey continues with each new experience and each new friend we meet along the way.  It is our intent to continually build upon the knowledge and experience we have acquired thus far, while eagerly striving to provide our clients, through personalized service, the optimum travel experience of a lifetime.